What We Believe

At Salsich Development, we believe building "green" means offering quality construction and appealing amenities combined with maximal resource and energy efficienty to minimize the impact on the natural environment. 


We offer a smooth process that will leave you with, not only a beautiful space, but also an environmentally conscious one. 

What We Do

Salsich Development is a full turn-key construction and property management company. From residential to commercial, Salsich Development brings a licensed general contractor to your Denver project. We offer a wide array of services:

  • New Construction
    • Everything from land acquisition and design to build. Salsich Development has experience with single family and townhomes ranging from $300,000 to $2,100,000
  • Remodels
    • From bathrooms to the entire house, Salsich Development can help you remodel your space to feel great, look great, and help the environment. 
      • Kitchens
      • Outdoor (Patios, Entertainment Centers, Landscaping)
      • Master Bedroom and Baths
      • Basements
      • Custom Projects
  • Additions
    • Need a bigger home, but can't afford one? Salsich Development can help you expand your current home and help you find plenty of space.
      • Pop-tops and Pop-outs
      • Garages
  • Commercial Tenant Finishes
  • Property Management
    • Salsich Development will help you manage your property with expertise in day-to-day operations and repairs. 
      • Contract Subs
      • Fix-up Properties 
      • Bookkeeping and Accounting
      • Manage Tenants
      • Foreclosures (Handling band owned properties)
      • Sell Property

How We Do It

Sustainability & Efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Photovoltaic Solar Collectors (generate energy)
    • 92% Efficient Furnaces
    • 15 SEER Air Conditioning Units
    • 90% Efficient Water Heaters
    • ENERGY STAR Rated Appliances
    • Low-e & ENERGY STAR Rated Pella Windows
    • Compact Florescent Light Bulbs
  • Efficient Use of Resources
    • Bamboo Floors (a fast-growing, renewable resource that saves trees)
    • Exterior Siding from Recycled Materials
    • Engineered Wood Products from Wood Scraps
  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Carpet tacks (versus glue)
    • OSB Sub-Floor Material
    • Formaldehyde-Free Insulation
    • Water-Proofed Foundation (No water penetration means no mold)
    • Closed Combustion Furnace and Hot Water Heater (eliminates risk of carbon monoxide)

How it Benefits You

Our construction techniques, building materials, appliances, finishes, and photovoltaic solar sustem (PV) provide for a home that is approximately 70% more energy efficient than new homes built to current codes*.

AND, when your home uses less electricity than the system generates at any given time, the electricity goes back into the electrical power grid. In other words, your meter moves backwards and Xcel buys electricity from you! Your initial investment is reflected in long-term savings. 

  • Economic Benefit of the PV system in the 1st Year**:
    • ​​​Annual Electricity Bill Savings                                 $531/Year
  • Recurring Benefits (Every year for 30+ years)**:
    • Annual CO2 Emissions Reduced                            10,871 Lbs/Year
    • Equivalent Reduction in Vehicle Miles Driven         11,891 Miles/Yera
    • Equivalent Number of Trees Planted (Total)           418 Trees


*Actual Savings can vary based on personal preference and usage

**Benefits provided by Namaste Solar Electric

Who We Are

Kevin Salsich

Owner of Salsich Development, Kevin Salsich, has over 15 years of experience in general contracting and management in the Greater Denver area.

Through Kevin's excellent work, he has built a strong repoire in the community.

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